La Grange aux Boirons


Our Goals

During the coming years we are planning to upgrade the comfort La Grange aux Boirons provides for visitors.

It remains our goal to use all rental income to enhance and strengthen the style and character of La Grange.

In 2008, we completely renovated the sewer system. The old system was still in operation when we bought the house in 1973. However, it was greatly out of date and consisted of an old well that served as a sort of drainage tank. All waste was discharged in this tank and it must have worked very well because during all those years we never needed to empty the tank. Apparently the old system did work.. but it was time for modernization.

Ronald started the work with a local contractor from Saint Jean le Centeniers named Daniel. The old sewage was removed and a new, ultramodern system installed. It now has double septic tanks with an overflow of clean filtered water to the river..   The system has been approved in accordance with strict local environmental requirements and regulations. Inspectors complimented Ronald for the excellent quality of the system and professional installation..!

Ronald also constructed an efficient drainage system as part of the same project. La Grange back wall is build against a small hill. When it rains, groundwater flows against the back of the House and during heavy rainfall, the ground water sometimes elevated above the ground floor level. As a consequence, the house became humid during the winter months and the garage partially under water. The new drainage system has completely solved this problem.

In 2009, the driveway to the farm was completely upgraded. The path to the house gradually erodes from heavy rainfall and needs to be maintained regularly. Nevertheless, we want the driveway to remain in the style of the surrounding environment and we will therefore never pave the entrance to the property. Ronald (with assistance from Daniel) completely renovated the driveway, which is now in perfect condition and easily accessible all year round.

In 2011 we are planning to build an additional terrace with a ‘Look Out ‘over the River. This promises to be a spectacular additional feature to the enjoyment of La Grange.

Our guests provided valuable feedback and informed that a modern kitchen is appreciated, as many like to show off their own culinary skills in the land gastronomy. Therefore, modern kitchen equipment will be added in the near future.

The heating and electricity will eventually be obtained from natural resources and completely in line with the style and character of the farm.

The heating will be extracted from with an eco friendly ‘heating pump system’. By using temperature differences in the air and in the ground, the floor will be heated during the winter months and cool down during the summer. An ideal modern all year round system that is effective, cheap and sustainable.

We are also planning to generate electricity through solar energy and will immediately apply this at La Grange when it becomes more efficient and economical. We are also researching the possibility of using a windmill at the back of the property. This is a suitable location because it is not a nuisance and, there is enough wind throughout the year. The generated wind power and solar energy should be able to provide all the energy needs for the future. The excess energy generated can be returned to the electricity company. However, the purchase of such a windmill is at this moment in time still considered too expensive and inefficient to make the investment worthwhile. .

It is our purpose to gradually add and improve the farm to give it a more open character and naturally engage the surrounding environment. We also would like to make the interior of La Grange comfortably throughout the year and a pleasant place to be during every season.

Each tenant who resides in La Grange contributes to the achievement of our dream that many people should be able to enjoy the beautiful nature, the peace and space that La Grange has to offer.